PRIMARY services


We also offer a non-retained, multi-solution contingency service that allows agility, flexibility and speed and which may be appropriate when there are likely to be more candidates qualified for a particular position or when a client wants to take more responsibility for screening, interviewing and negotiating with candidates.

Additional consultancy services

In addition, as industry specialists, Hudson Walker International is regularly invited to advise both emerging and established businesses looking to move, change and grow. This is handled by the leadership team and by a group of associate consultants, each renowned in their individual fields, who can advise at each stage of a company’s evolution.

Organisational change

Hudson Walker International supports corporate responsibility and we align ourselves with companies that seek to become more environmentally sustainable. Research has shown that increasingly customers and employees want organisations to have a positive social and environmental purpose and impact. Through associates who specialise in driving corporate social responsibility and organisational change, companies, teams and individuals can build capacity to be part of this “better business” movement.


Coaching is a powerful vehicle for change – it can increase the effectiveness of ambitious business leaders and their teams, improve individual and company performance, increase employee engagement and can help identify both corporate and individual strengths and development opportunities. Within our network are high impact business coaches who work at both corporate and individual level.

Interim Management & Business Consultancy

It may not always necessary or appropriate to hire on a permanent basis, for example, if the company is going through a period of transition, or it has identified a short-term or support project, or a key employee is absent through parental leave or long-term sickness. Interim managers typically operate at senior level and can bring skills and knowledge to address particular situations or skills gaps. There will also be situations when organisations, particularly small to medium-sized businesses, will benefit from utilising an experienced business consultant to provide professional and expert advice, e.g. devising and developing strategies for resilient growth and margin performance, forecast planning, strategy, product, etc. Our associate consultants can bring expertise in expanding sales networks, retail store concepts, retail strategy and planning, digital marketing, business analysis, range and product development, marketing, branding and operations within the premium and luxury sectors, FMCG, licensing and franchise businesses.

Human Resources, Learning & Development

Most small to medium-sized businesses don’t need full-time in-house HR professionals. But there are times – often at very short notice – when situations arise within your teams and you need to know how to deal with them legally, ethically and promptly. To get it wrong could be catastrophic for your business, both financially and commercially. Our associate consultants bring considerable expertise into these areas, from writing new Contracts of Employment to guiding you through disciplinary procedures and advising on all aspects of employment law. Learning and development is crucial to increasing employee motivation, engagement and sense of being valued which in turn increases productivity and effectiveness. Within our network are specialist consultants who will identify learning and development needs within your organisation and compile and run training programmes on your behalf.