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How a company recruits its staff plays an important part in building – and maintaining -a brand. In today’s rapidly changing retail landscape and general economic uncertainty, hiring the best candidates – particularly those who will lead and innovate –  has never been more important.

Here at Hudson Walker International we see the challenges clients and candidates face as businesses redefine the parameters of tasks and work requirements change. The rise in the demand for social media managers, for instance, to drive influencers, bloggers,  online advertising and who will predict communication tools of the future.

There is also a dominance in the value of data: that digital trail trodden by online purchasers informs the evolution of consumers’ buying patterns.  Tried and tested systems and processes are always in place, but brands still need bright, numerate people to “illuminate” the data and know how to interpret the insights it provides. Just now there is a drought of exceptional data analysts and business planners, undoubtedly because demand is outstripping supply.

Traditional roles pertain, but brands now need new expertise in, for example, ethical sourcing, sustainability, content management, user experience management, mobile app development and so on. Candidates with these skills also tend to have different expectations of their employer and a different take on career planning – if that concept even exists for them.

Fashion retailers in particular are receptive to looking outside the industry for their senior leaders, especially those who are data and digitally proficient.

Retained executive search – head hunting – has always been (and will continue to be) at the heart of our business. However, in a shifting market, we are increasingly contacted by talented individuals discretely seeking new opportunities. It seems that even in this digital age, job-seekers place great value on the personal touch that we can offer, coupled with our knowledge of the premium and luxury sector and our industry contacts and networks.

Even though we may not have been briefed on a relevant search, in recent months we decided to meet those individuals who came across as innovators; people with imagination, flair, who could perhaps demonstrate an ability to take risks, who may have taken a different approach in their careers or who tried something new, perhaps failed but learnt something from it. The kind of brilliant innovators who tell their employer what to do and how to do it. Such individuals truly add value to a business.

With this portfolio of exceptional candidates in mind, we are now also offering a non-retained introductory fee that allows agility, flexibility and speed. We know that many businesses are exercising fiscal prudence at the moment, so the advantage of this service is that you only pay a fee if you hire a candidate.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Pauline Hudson-Evans:, telephone 020 3858 8181

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