Our business and reputation have been built on global executive search.  In addition we provide other professional business services, such as global talent research and mapping, market surveys, brand re-alignment, international expansion etc. utilising our network of associate consultants, all experts in their specialised areas.

The practice comprises two elements:

  • Executive Search – the leadership and board level division. This offers clients a full retained executive search service with penetrative research, market analysis and strategic talent acquisition.
  • Selection – a multi-solution contingency service that allows agility, flexibility, speed and volume.

In addition, as industry specialists, the team at Hudson Walker International is regularly invited to advise established brands looking to move, change and grow. This work is handled by the leadership team and through a group of associate consultants with relevant expertise.


Additional Consultancy Services

In addition to search and selection, we offer a range of other professional services that are handled by the leadership team and through a group of associate consultants with relevant expertise.

Young Brands / Start up Mentoring

As your brand develops, the need for internal structure and systems becomes crucial in order to support your growing turnover.

We have a portfolio of industry experts, each renowned in their field, who can mentor and advise you at each stage of your company’s evolution. This could include legal, accountancy and property expertise, along with possible investment partners.

Brand Auditing

Building a business requires leaders to stand close and to stay hands-on.  But at the same time, it’s possible that by staying so close, you can’t always see the whole picture. Our brand auditors will scrutinise every aspect of your supply chain from your supplier networks to the way your brand looks, sounds and seems to the market. But this is not intended as a paramedic service – it’s better deployed as a full-body health check.

Human Resources, Learning & Development, Mentoring

Most small to medium sized businesses don’t need full-time in house HR professionals. But there are times – often at very short notice – when situations arise within your teams and you need to know how to deal with them legally, ethically and promptly. To get it wrong could be catastrophic for your business, both financially and commercially.

Learning and development is often regarded as a cost to the business and is one of the first budgets to be cut if the going gets tough. Our view is that this is precisely when companies should invest more and really get behind the team.

Our associate consultants bring considerable expertise into these areas, from writing new Contracts of Employment to guiding you through disciplinary procedures, to identifying learning and development needs to compiling and running training programmes. This can also include senior management mentoring.

Global Research / Market Intelligence

Our international multi-lingual research partners are able to investigate corporate structures and reporting lines, as well as producing candidate identification reports, salary surveys, and reports on comparable brands in international markets.