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Churchill and Roosevelt On The Move

Churchill The much-loved statue of Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt in Bond Street will be temporarily removed for repair and refurbishment as part of Bond Street’s imminent public realm improvement project. ‘The Allies’, by sculptor Lawrence Holofcener,  was a gift from the Bond Street Association to the City of Westminster and the people of London to commemorate 50 years of peace. It was unveiled in May 1995 by Princess Margaret and shows the two friends sitting on a bench talking amiably. It has become a popular tourist attraction as visitors take their place on the bench between two of the 20th century’s m...

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March 10, 2017

Solving luxury’s talent conundrum

Luxury brands talk of innovation to counter a challenging marketplace, but hiring decisions – especially those at senior level – remain ultra conservative. Does continually employing leaders from within the luxury sector only deliver the same results? Should hiring conversations move away from being purely CV and experience-based towards behavior, competence and even the passions of an individual’s life?  How do brands attract talent and e...

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March 9, 2017

“…We’d like you to do a project…”

Picking a designer to lead the aesthetic of a brand is a tricky business. With the scrutiny surrounding every collection and each catwalk look poured over on social media, the stakes are high. It is, however, something of an inexact science. The hiring process needs to analyse both the effect a designer has previously had on labels throughout their career, but more importantly the impact they potentially could have if they were ...

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February 28, 2017

Measuring customer service

Today it seems like everyone, but everyone, is trying to measure customer service levels. Businesses of all kinds collect feedback through surveys and questionnaires. Go to the bank, get an email asking about your experience. Call the phone company, get a survey text message. Rent a car, they’ll ask you 50 questions about the transaction. Buy a cup of coffee and look at the receipt, you’ll be invited to visit them on line and give feedback...

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February 17, 2017
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